Connecting Communities with Nature
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Connecting Communities with Nature
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Connecting Communities with Nature
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Knowing who we are and the purpose of our lives helps us in finding answers to the pressing issues of our times.


A world where forest gardens becomes a strategy to connect with the inner self and nature around us.


Shaping local, regenerative economies while harmonizing human needs with nature’s cycles.


Working with children eventually with their families to create Forest gardens (বন বাগান) at community levels to have local, climate resilient food production systems while increasing biodiversity, making learning experiential based, and create economic opportunities.

The idea behind the name


In our mother tongue Bengali, ‘bon’ (বন) means forest reminding us of its abundance, diversity and interconnectedness of lives.



Bon envisions spaces built by humans to be surrounded by edible and native plants forming a forest garden giving abundance of food, taking ecosystem services in a mutually beneficial way and simultaneously mitigating challenges of soil, water and air. These forest gardens (বন বাগান) act as a nuclei of change towards a strong community based local (or rural) livelihoods meeting human needs of not just food but also shelter, clothing, healing, learning, ecology, entertainment and crafts in a regenerative manner by successively generating more yields using same resources.

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Behind the scenes at bon

Let’s have a glimpse of our work