Damal "দামাল"

In our pilot project Damal, we are working with children to lead their families into a local resilient food system.

The background

Damal in Bengali means the headstrong one, the ones that defy status quo. As our children are leading their families into a local resilient food system working with us, we decided to call our children Damal and hence the name of the project. This is our pilot project where our strategy is to work with children (ages 7-16) to create these gardens. We have seen when children take the initiative the family members actively come forward to help them to establish such gardens.

Location of the project

We are located out of our village Nahapar in West Bengal, India.

Why we are doing it?

It is our children who contribute the least to climate change, yet they will be the ones who will suffer the most because of it.  Hence our objective is to change the narrative by showing how children from rural areas working with their families can lead us to adapt to new realities and mitigate climate change.

Our home gardens in making

Upcoming Plans

In our proposed project Damal we are running a gardening competition between December 2023 to March 2024 (news update coming soon). Fifteen children with whom we are currently working, come from four neighbourhoods. Children from each neighbourhood, along with their family members, will be forming a team. After three and a half months, work of each team will be evaluated and a harvesting festival will be celebrated where the participating families and local people will come together to experience our local food abundance (grand version of https://shorturl.at/inorA). Based on their performance, teams that successfully achieve the base level criteria will be rewarded with a financial amount that helps them in upgrading their infrastructure to grow more in lesser spaces.

Help Needed

We are looking for financial support for our team that comprises of one project  coordinator, one garden helper, and 4 young interns.