Our Objectives

Environmental conservation through growing food

We are working to  empowering communities to grow food locally. These foods will be grown with minimal external input in a closed loop system where the growers do not have to depend on the market to grow their food but on their community. Such practices encourage the plantation of diverse local plant species together while providing habitat for different organisms which are very much threatened because of the application of poison in growing food.

Improving food and nutrition security in communities

  • Malnutrition is on the rise around the world. Even people who have access to enough food don’t eat diverse food with all the micronutrients that our body needs to function properly. This is an even more important issue for children to ensure their healthy growth. Moreover, with the effect of climate change, commercial food production is becoming unreliable. It is becoming even more important to grow food locally to ensure people have something to eat even if our mainstream farming system fails.

Empowering youths in the small-scale food-based enterprises

  • Unemployment is rising, and a large part of the world is going through a recession. Cities are failing to provide jobs to our youth. Villages are seen as a dead end! Farming is not an attractive profession for most youth. Turning farming into small-scale enterprises is something many youths find a respectable profession. One of our objectives is a bridge between the opportunities in villages with food enterprises and unemployed youth.