Quarterly Newsletter 3: 2023

Ankan Garden visit

“Don’t rush towards things, let things to happen to you”, a young friend once told it to me.

In this last quarter, we at bon lived our lives following this advice and got to experience amazing results.


As hinted in our last newsletter our focus has gradually shifted towards children from adults. This happened organically, as we saw children took interest and replicates our gardens around their homes. These days we have regular weekend activities with the children. Through children now parents are also taking an interest in working with us. During August along with our children we planted fruit and other local trees in public places. To celebrate this plantation, we also arranged a local food festival.  We are about to start project Damal, to take our local food movement to the next level. In one of our existing models gardens we started experimenting with syntropic farming which started thriving as well.  

Some of our children after a group activity

Some of our garden harvest


Ankan Barik:  Ankan is a 6th grader from our neighbourhood. He is one of the pioneers who created gardens taking seeds from us and inspired us to work with children. Through Ankan, his whole family slowly becoming interested in gardening. Now he is showing the way to other children in the area to join us.


Festival for celebrating local food

After one of the parents meeting

Satendar Singh: In a more subtle level food is a medium for us to help people to connect with their inner world. Through a common friend Satendar came in touch with us and wanted to get involve in our work. This 23-year-old Delhi boy is passionate about social change and helping us redesigning our website at this stage. We are very happy to have in the team.


Ankan, with grandmother, father and sister

Satendar, our new intern


We are collaborated with Foodwise and wrote to Keepers to Food Wisdom. In the month of August, I went to Delhi to meet YCRN nation meetup where I made quite a few friends across the country who are working in the space of climate change.

Dear fellow earthlings,
bon is working with communities and other similar initiatives to help people grow their own food and connect with nature. There is a long road ahead before we can settle. We would like to have you with us on this journey.
Please reach out to us with any suggestions or queries you have.   You can help us to spread the word about bon by sharing this newsletter or our website in your network. Stay healthy, stay safe!
Biman Roy